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Jane’s Walk NYC 2024: 175+ Free Walking Tours

New York City is a rich city with unique experiences and a rich history. Jane’s Walk NYC gives you the opportunity to dive deeper into different cultural, historical, and unique aspects of the city, all for free!

This year, NYC’s Jane’s Walk will take place from Friday, May 3rd, through Sunday, May 5th.

While availability lasts, you can register for free walking tours through the hosting group’s website, the Municipal Art Society of New York.

Keep reading below to learn about some of the unique tours available, more about Jane Jacobs, and why you won’t want to miss this once-a-year event! 👇

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Jane’s Walk NYC 2024 Podcast Episode

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What is Jane’s Walk?

jane jacobs at a west village conference | Better Together Here

Jane’s Walk is a movement of free, citizen-led walking conversations inspired by Jane Jacobs, a writer, urbanist, and activist who championed a community-based approach to city-building.

Jane lived in Greenwich Village until 1968 and was influential in helping to preserve a community-centric approach to city planning and fought against and helped derail the expansion of expressways and roads.

The event started in 2006 in Toronto, where Jane Jacobs lived for most of her life. It has now expanded to over 500 cities worldwide!

Jane’s Walk takes place annually around the first weekend of May, close to Jane’s birthday.

Who Can Participate?

The walking tours are open to the public, are free, and require registration.

Many are already sold out and are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

What is Jane’s Walk in NYC?

Jane’s Walk NYC is put on by the Municipal Art Society of New York, and was one of the first cities outside of Toronto to host Jane’s Walk.

Some highlights and interesting tours include:

These are only a few highlights; be sure to check the entire website with 175+ options and register for a walk!

Maximize your time in NYC by demystifying the art of navigating the subway, taxis, walking, and biking around the Big Apple!

Free Guide to Getting Around NYC 🗽

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When Does it Happen?

Jane’s Walk takes place annually around the first weekend of May, close to Jane’s birthday on May 4th.

This year, NYC’s Jane’s Walk will take place from Friday, May 3rd, through Sunday, May 5th.

Where Are the Walking Tours in NYC?

new york city subway map | Better Together Here

Luckily, there are tours available across all five boroughs, as well as virtual tours!

They span a huge area across the boroughs, giving plenty of options for exploring your own neighborhood or a completely new spot.

Why Does This Event Happen?

Jane’s Walk is focused on connecting communities to their neighborhoods, sharing stories, and preserving cities’ histories.

From the Jane’s Walk website:

Jane’s Walks are a way for neighbours to meet neighbours, and for neighbourhoods to build community. Jane’s Walk strives to include a wide array of voices and ideas in discussions about cities, neighbourhoods and community engagement. Jane’s Walk is different from other initiatives because the community and its buildings, parks, and broader environment are also active players in the walks. They inspire, frustrate, inform, and direct participation in the conversations. 

The event focuses on 6 values:

  1. Is volunteer-driven
  2. Is inspired and informed by the world around us
  3. Is done in whatever way makes sense for you
  4. Creates an opportunity to hear all voices
  5. Encourages critical engagement with the ideas and legacy of Jane
  6. Recognizes cities are living ecosystems with a past, present, and future

Learn more about Jane Jacobs’ 10 Big Ideas here.

Jane’s Walk NYC 2024 Recap

jane jacobs holding up documents | Better Together Here

Jane’s Walk in New York City is a unique opportunity to learn about the deep history of New York City through distinctive vantage points.

This free event gives you 175+ chances to better connect with the community, learn about New York, and carry on Jane Jacobs’s legacy.

Sign up for a tour here!

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