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Ella Social on the Upper West Side NYC Review

Ella Social is a cozy, welcoming tapas restaurant on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. It’s the perfect place to eat before going to a show at the Beacon Theatre nearby!

While the food, drinks, and atmosphere were phenomenal, it was quite expensive, even by NYC standards.

With that being said, it’s an ideal spot for a group of 4 or so people since you can all share the small plates and split the bill.

We recommend you check out Ella Social (Google Maps listing here), but here’s our full review of this tasty eatery below. 👇

Ella Social’s Interior & Staff

We came about an hour before a show at the Beacon Theatre nearby; it was the perfect location.

First impressions matter, and Ella Social nailed theirs.

The staff was super friendly and quickly got us to a table. Our waitress was attentive and quick with orders, delivering food, and clearing empty plates.

The interior and decor of Ella Social is beautiful. There is plenty of unique artwork, welcoming decor, and an overall cozy vibe!

Now, the food. ⏬

Ella Social’s Food

Ella Social is a tapas-style restaurant with influences from both Mediterranean and Latin cuisine.

Every dish we had was delicious. They really showcased the different flavor profiles of these two cuisines in an appetizing way!

As mentioned, the food was pretty expensive, considering the small portion sizes.

We ordered 3-4 small plates, each between $12-$25.

Our favorite may have been the Smoky Sprouts. Delicious Brussels sprouts with some lime juice and sea salt. The Smoky Sprouts also happened to be the largest portion! They were cooked to perfection.

We also tried and loved the Shrimp “Ajillo” and Kofte Sliders!

The food was fresh and came out of the kitchen fast! We were both satisfied with the meal; we just wished the prices weren’t quite as steep.

Possibly the best part of Ella Social… the drinks. 👇

Ella Social’s Cocktails & Drinks

Our cocktails at Ella Social were phenomenal.

We had the Simone and Gabriela cocktails.

The Simone, a smoky negroni with infused mezcal, sweet vermouth, Campari, and smoked rosemary, was top-notch!

Similar to the food, the drinks are also, unfortunately, slightly overpriced. The cheapest beers are $9, and cocktails start at $17.

We’re not against paying $17-$20 for a cocktail, but it’s gotta have something special about it to justify that price. While ours were pretty damn good, they weren’t quite worth $18. They seemed more like a $15 cocktail.

Still, very delicious!

Recap & Review of Ella Social on Upper West Side NYC

Overall, our experience at Ella Social was positive! The staff was great, the drinks were delicious, and the food truly was unique and tasty.

With that being said, be prepared to spend more than you’re expecting to. I guess that’s often the downside of tapas restaurants, but it felt apparent here.

If you have a group of 2-4 I think this a great spot to eat, especially before a show at Beacon Theatre. We would return again!

Check out Ella Social here.

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What was your experience at Ella Social? Tell us in the comments.

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