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7 Small Apartment Hacks, Especially for NYC Apartments

Living in a small apartment can present unique challenges when it comes to space and storage. However, with some clever hacks and smart organization strategies, you can make the most of your limited square footage.

In this article, we’ll explore various small apartment hacks that will help you optimize space, declutter, and create a more functional and organized living environment.

Here are seven small apartment hacks and tips:

  1. Always find the collapsible version of items, or ones that can come apart for storage
  2. Get Tupperware, dishware, etc., that can be stored inside each other
  3. Opt for furniture with extra storage, like built-in drawers on a bed frame, a chaise on a couch, etc.
  4. Use the tops of your cupboards if possible, above the actual cupboards
  5. Mount your TV to save space
  6. Buy extra storage for inside cabinets, under tables, etc, use a second hanging rod for a closet
  7. Use vacuum bags for storing clothes and extra bedding

Let’s look at each one below! 👇

1- Always find the collapsible version of items or ones that can come apart for storage

collapsible items like this step stool can save space in a tiny apartment | Better Together Here

Small apartments often lack storage space, so it’s essential to maximize the available area.

Look for furniture, such as folding tables, chairs, and collapsible shelves, that can be easily folded and stored away when not in use. This way, you can free up valuable space and maintain a clutter-free environment.

We personally use a foldable step stool, as an example, to maximize space when it’s not in use.

And in our outdoor space, we opted for a foldable table & chairs!

2- Get Tupperware, dishware, etc., that can be stored inside each other

When it comes to kitchen items like Tupperware, pots and pans, and dishware, choose sets that are stackable and can nest inside each other. This way, you can optimize your cabinet or drawer space efficiently.

By storing items vertically, you create more room for other essentials, making your small kitchen feel more organized and spacious.

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3- Opt for furniture with extra storage, like built-in drawers on a bed frame, a chaise on a couch, etc.

Furniture that incorporates storage solutions is a game-changer for small apartments. Look for bed frames with built-in drawers, couches with hidden storage in the chaise or under the cushions, and coffee tables with shelves or compartments.

These smart storage options allow you to keep belongings out of sight while maximizing your living space.

In our NYC apartment we have an Ikea couch that includes storage in the chaise AND has a pullout couch. It’s truly the ultimate space improver!

Oh, and our bed frame has six drawers. It’s a game-changer!

finding a bed with built in storage can maximize space in nyc apartments | Better Together Here

4- Use the tops of your cupboards if possible

Take advantage of the often-underutilized space above your kitchen cupboards. Use decorative baskets or bins to store items that are infrequently used, such as seasonal decorations, extra kitchen gadgets, or pantry overflow.

This extra storage area helps free up space in your cabinets for everyday items.

storing items on top of cupboards is great for small apartments | Better Together Here

We use our above-the-cupboard space for less frequently used items like serving platters and charcuterie boards.

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5- Mount your TV to save space

Mounting your TV on the wall not only creates a sleek and modern look but also saves valuable floor space. By eliminating the need for a TV stand or cabinet, you open up possibilities for other functional elements in your small apartment.

mounting your tv to the wall can save space in a new york city apartment | Better Together Here

Just make sure to follow proper installation procedures and ensure the wall is suitable for mounting.

This is probably the best way to save space in a small apartment!

6- Buy extra storage for inside cabinets, under tables, use a 2nd hanging rod for your closet, etc.

use storage bins if you have a small apartment | Better Together Here

Investing in additional storage solutions can greatly enhance the organization of your small apartment. Consider utilizing stackable storage bins or baskets to maximize vertical space inside cabinets.

For the area under tables, you can use storage cubes, baskets, or rolling drawers to keep items neatly stowed away.

Additionally, make use of a second hanging rod in your closet to double the storage capacity and hang clothes more efficiently.

And when possible, use shelves and mounts to utilize wall space for storage! We put our smart speakers, plants, and other items on small shelves that easily stick to the wall. No nails are needed.

small shelves that dont require nails are great for maximizing a small space | Better Together Here
Check out these small shelves here.

We’ve even mounted our skateboards on the wall with these mounts! 👇

skateboards mounted on the wall | Better Together Here

I even purchased small drawers that go under my desk to keep floor space cleared while adding the ability to store small work-related items.

7- Use vacuum bags for storing clothes and extra bedding

Vacuum bags are an excellent space-saving solution, especially for storing seasonal clothing, bulky bedding, and other items. These bags are designed to compress items by removing excess air, significantly reducing their volume.

By using vacuum bags, you can free up a significant amount of space in your closets or storage areas. Simply place the items inside the bag, seal it, and use a vacuum cleaner to remove the air.

Vacuum bags not only save space but also help protect your clothes and bedding from dust, moisture, and pests.

As the seasons change we switch out our winter/summer clothes and put them under our bed in vacuum bags. Perfect!

Bonus Idea for Finding More Small Apartment Hacks: Never Too Small YouTube Videos

One of our favorite YouTube channels is the Never Too Small channel. They showcase unique, modern, and well-designed small apartments throughout the world.

Here is our favorite video from their channel:

Every video we watch leaves us with a new idea for maximizing a small space!

Check out the channel here.

Small Apartment Hacks Recap

shelves for inside of cabinets can maximize space in a small kitchen | Better Together Here
Little in-cupboard shelves like this are perfect for doubling your space!

Living in a small apartment doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice comfort or storage. By implementing these small apartment hacksin an NYC apartment, you can optimize your space, declutter, and create a more organized living environment.

From choosing collapsible items to utilizing extra storage solutions, these hacks will help you make the most of your small apartment. Embrace the possibilities and transform your compact living space into a functional and stylish oasis.

And remember, people are more adaptable than objects!

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