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Alice in Wonderland + Conservatory Water in Central Park

The Alice in Wonderland Statue in Central Park is a fun destination for kids and adults alike. And what’s even better, you can check out the beautiful Conservatory Water while you’re there!

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Alice in Wonderland Statue in Central Park

The Alice in Wonderland statue was actually created as a memorial (more on that later) and is loved by kids and adults of all ages who visit Central Park!

It features quotes from the book and has been climbed on by thousands of children!

Why is Alice in Wonderland in Central Park?

In 1956, a publisher named George Delacorte wanted to find a way to memorialize his recently deceased wife. One of her favorite books to read to their kids and grandkids was Alice in Wonderland.

So, the sculptor, José de Creeft, used illustrations from the original book to create this popular statue as a memorial to George’s wife. At the steps leading up to the statue you can see the words “Margarita Delacorte Memorial”.

How old is the Alice in Wonderland Statue?

alice in wonderland statue in central park | Better Together Here

The Alice in Wonderland statue was officially revealed in May 1959. 11 of Delacorte’s grandkids were there to reveal the statue, after which they immediately climbed on top.

Kids today do the same thing!

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Where is the Alice in Wonderland statue in Central Park?

The Alice in Wonderland statue is located on the east side of Central Park, right off of about 75th Street (enter at 72nd Street). Here is the listing on Google Maps if you’d like to find out how to get there!

It’s only a short walk from the Metropolitan Museum of Art, so you could certainly head here before or after exploring the MET.

The statue is right next to the Conservatory Water, one of the most tranquil parts of Central Park! ⬇️

Conservatory Water in Central Park

The Conservatory Water in Central Park is an extremely peaceful and enjoyable part of NYC’s most famous park.

While it was originally planned as a greenhouse, it now sits as a beautiful reflecting pool nestled just inside the east end of Central Park right off 5th Avenue.

What is the Conservatory Water in Central Park?

The Conservatory Water is a man-made reflecting pool that also is home to the miniature boat and yacht races. While I haven’t personally seen the boats in quite a while (since COVID), some places online still say you can rent boats on Saturdays starting at 10 am. (Please comment and let me know if you have details on this for sure!)

On any other day, it’s a peaceful pond that boasts some beautiful reflections of the surrounding greenery and even buildings in the distance.

Where is the Conservatory Water?

The Conservatory Water is on the east side of Central Park, right off 74th Street (enter at 72nd Street). Here is a link to the Google Maps listing so you can navigate there!

It’s just south of the Alice in Wonderland statue!

Where did Stuart Little Race Toy Boats?

toy boats on the conservatory water where stuart little raced in the movie | Better Together Here

The Stuart Little boat racing scene happened (in the book and movie) at the Conservatory Water’s pond!

On Saturdays, you can see boat races and even rent boats (depending on the season and availability).

Alice in Wonderland + Conservatory Water Recap

The Alice in Wonderland Statue and Conversavtory Water area is a tranquil and enjoyable place to check out in Central Park. It also has many benches that make it a great picnic spot in Central Park!

You can easily access this area from the east side of the park, right around 72nd Street.

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