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3 Central Park Hidden Gems You Can’t Afford to Miss

We are lucky enough to spend more time in Central Park than 99% of New Yorkers, meaning we know the ins and outs of this sprawling oasis in Manhattan.

With so many different activities, attractions, and sites in Central Park, it can be hard to know where to spend your time. Luckily, we’ve got three unique places that will make you fall in love with Central Park!

We’ve seen it all, and these are three spots you can’t afford to miss. As a note, before you go explore these secret spots, be sure to learn about how to use the free Central Park audio guide tour!

Here are our 3 favorite Central Park Hidden Gems:

  1. Conservatory Garden
  2. Getting Lost in The Ramble
  3. Hallett Nature Sanctuary

Let’s dive into each one below. 👇

Note: This article was written by a real live human being, not artificial intelligence. 🥸

Central Park Hidden Gems Podcast Episode

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Hidden Gem #1 – Conservatory Garden

conservatory garden view at sunset | Better Together Here

We are so disappointed that it took us over a year of living in NYC to go to the Conservatory Garden.

It is PHENOMENAL. It boasts three different style areas. The center Italianate Garden, the French-style North Garden, and the English-style South Garden.

Note: As of writing, in March 2024, one section is under construction/renovation.

beautiful archway made of roses in the conservatory garden | Better Together Here

You’ll find massive fountains, squirrel-shaped shrubbery, a wide variety of flowers and plants, and, of course, public bathrooms (this matters).

It just might be the most romantic thing to do in Central Park, honestly!

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You can check out the Conservatory Garden here (Google Maps link).

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This Episode’s You’ll Have to Check It Out Segment – Liberty Bagels

Liberty Bagels is a phenomenal bagel spot near Central Park with unique bagels like rainbow, “liberty” colors, and french toast. Plus, their birthday cake cream cheese is a whole vibe!

They move through long lines quickly and have a friendly staff!

The Works sandwich just might be our favorite breakfast bagel in the city!

Pro Tip: Order ahead for pickup on their website, especially on the weekend!

Check out Liberty Bagels 5th Ave here.

Hidden Gem #2 – Getting Lost in The Ramble

beautiful view of bethesda fountain from the ramble in central park which also makes a great picnic spot | Better Together Here

The Ramble is one of the most underrated portions, and truly a hidden gem of Central Park.

One of our favorite things to do in Central Park is to get lost in The Ramble. There are SO many paths you can explore, and it’s one of the most peaceful and quiet places in Manhattan.

The Ramble is also home to some of the best bird-watching in New York City. With over 200 species of birds frequenting Central Park each year, this wooded area is the perfect place to spot a new bird.

PS- If you haven’t downloaded it already, the Merlin Bird ID app is top-notch and free. Even if you aren’t a bird enthusiast, it’s a great app for learning about and identifying thousands of different birds. Get it here!

It’s a thickly wooded 38-acre area, and when you’re in it, you’ll truly forget you’re in the city! Plus, there is a good public restroom in The Ramble, always a plus.

Check out our video below for 3 minutes of the sounds and sights of The Ramble. 👇

And to note, The Ramble really isn’t that far from Sheep Meadow. You can do both in one go!

You can check out The Ramble here (Google Maps link).

Hidden Gem #3 – Hallett Nature Sanctuary

view of pond from hallett nature sanctuary in central park | Better Together Here

One of three wooded areas, the Hallett Nature Sanctuary was originally called “The Promontory” by the park’s original designers. It is now a beautiful spot free of the hustle and bustle of most parts of Central Park, the mark of a true hidden gem.

This rocky, hilled area was later turned into a bird sanctuary in the 1930s and, in 1986, was renamed after George Hervey Hallett, Jr., a nature enthusiast and birder.

For years, until a 2016 restoration, this area was minimally cared for and became overrun with feral cats and invasive plants. The restoration helped bring in healthy, native plants and create a beautiful walking path to explore this wooded area.

There is also a phenomenal scenic overlook and benches for enjoying this small oasis just steps from Midtown Manhattan!

The Hallett Nature Sanctuary is the perfect spot to explore in Central Park if you’re coming up from Times Square; it’s right near the south entrance to the park!

You can check out the Hallett Nature Sanctuary here (Google Maps link).

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Central Park Hidden Gems Recap

beautiful shrubs and staircase in the conservatory garden in central park | Better Together Here

Central Park is one of the most popular parks in New York City, and rightly so. With so many landmarks, a deep history, and beauty at every turn, it is a spot not to be missed!

Make sure you check out these three hidden Central Park gems during your trip to New York City!

As a recap, here are the three most beautiful hidden gems in Central Park:

  1. Conservatory Garden
  2. Getting Lost in The Ramble
  3. Hallett Nature Sanctuary

For more walking tours, serene moments, and explorations of Central Park, check out our YouTube channel here!

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